Our Vision

Wilson Praise and Worship is a non-denominational church in Wilson, NC that exists to reach people with the simple life-giving message of Jesus that they might realize all that God has planned for them. 

Our Core Values

Love for God - Maintaining a life of intimate, whole-hearted commitment to God and His Word.

Love for People - Expressing the fullness of God's love to the world around us.

Excellence - Living by Godly principles of stewardship, honor and work ethic.

Attitude - Living, leading and loving with passion and joy.

Our Leadership Team

 We have a passion for people, our city and our world. Our culture and leadership is characterized by love of God, love for people and a genuine call to ministry. These core values have been shaped by our rich history of great co-workers and energy; always pressing forward in our call to love God and love others.

  • Cliff Lewin - Senior Pastor

    Pastors Cliff is the Senior Pastor of Wilson Praise and Worship. He has reached thousands of people through Prison Outreach and Christian concerts, Hispanic Ministries, Food Pantry and Benevolence Ministries, Foreign Missions Projects, Christmas to Give Programs, Chaplain of the Wilson Fire Department , providing counseling to many people through the tragedies of life, former Martin Luther King Committee Chair, and now Senior Pastor at Wilson Praise and Worship since August 2003. Pastor Cliff is known for his compassion and unique style of ministry, which involves honesty and in your face preaching while dealing with the hard-hitting issues of life. Those who he has touched can testify to the unique gifts he possesses which allow him to minister to anyone from any walk of life dealing with any difficulty. 

  • Drew Maddox - Administrative Pastor

    Drew grew up in Florida where his passion for the Lord grew and he accepted the calling into full-time ministry. Since then he's earned his bachelor's of arts in Visual Communications from Barton College and developed skills in marketing, graphics design, video production, and many more skills in media. Drew is responsible for the day to day operations and ministries at WPW and you'll occasionally hear him preach on any given Sunday.

  • Lisa Lewin - Children's Director

    Lisa Lewin is the Children’s Pastor at Wilson Praise and Worship and the wife of Senior Pastor Cliff Lewin. Along with being the annual Host and Director of the ROAR Women’s Conference she is an accomplished and talented writer and speaker and the mother of her beautiful miracle daughter, Mary Abagail Lewin. Lisa has authored her recent best seller, "Remnants of Grace, 30-Day Devotional" which can be purchased at our online store.

What We Believe

At our church, you will hear the word “gospel” repeatedly because it is the most important truth that we can know and experience. The gospel is not merely a message that needs to be shared with non-Christians, but also with Christians. It is not something that mature Christians move on from, but rather something that they move deeper into. The gospel is the lens in which we should view theology, ministry, and all aspects of life.

The Apostle Paul defined the word “gospel” concisely in 1st Corinthians 15:3-5 when he wrote, “Christ died for our sins in accordance with the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day in accordance with the Scriptures, and that he appeared to Cephas, then to the twelve.” Simply put, the gospel is all about Jesus’ life, death and resurrection, and the implications it has for us.