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In times of need and times of fun, WPW Small Groups are your source of friendship and support. They are your key to developing connections with those in church who share your interests or people who are dealing with similar life issues. Small groups meet throughout the city of Wilson in homes, businesses and restaurants. We hope you will consider joining a small group today!

Small groups have one, simple purpose: to bring people together. We believe God created us to live in relationship with others and only then can we live the full life He intends for us. Sharing life through community is part of our design, but meaningful relationships aren’t always easy to find. That’s why small groups exist—to make these life-changing relationships relevant and accessible to you.

The Fall Semester begins on SMALL GROUP SUNDAY, August 27th! 

We'll begin adding new small groups to the directory as they're registered, so check back soon! If you'd like to register to start your own small group, see the link below!


The groups change and begin again two times a year, so you have the opportunity to try out different ones. You'll never fully experience all that Wilson Praise and Worship has to offer until you connect to a small group! Find a group, contact the leader and get connected!

New groups are added all the time, so check back soon!

  • YOUNG PROS // Young Adults

    Getting through college and making it in a new career field isn't easy. That's why you need to hang out with people your own age that face the same things you do.  If you're between the ages of 18-40 then this small group is for you. The Young Pros get together and take trips, go out to eat and just have fun together!

    Leaders: Drew and Amanda Maddox

    Time: Every Sunday at 7pm

    Location: Home of Drew and Amanda Maddox

    Contact Info: or 252.679.6776

  • ENJOying life together // relationships

    This group is where you can meet and make life long friends with deep personal connections to folks just like you. Every other Sunday this group gathers at a home to host a bible study, eat dinner and fellowship together. There's no criteria to who can and can't come, just an open invitation to join!

    Leaders: Randy and Cindy Godwin

    Time: Every 1st and 3rd Sunday at 6pm

    Location: Home of Randy and Cindy Godwin

    Contact Info: or 252.245.2137

  • SEAmless // bible study

    In a seven session bible study, Seamless covers the people, places and promises of the Bible, tying them together into the greater story of Scripture. Seamless helps replace insecurity that holds participants back with clarity and helping them move forward with confidence in their understanding of Scripture.

    Leaders: Sandi Pierce

    Time: Thursday at 11am at WPW

    Location: Home of Sandi Pierce

    Contact Info: or 252.373.8498

  • Time travelers // 50+ adults only

    This small group is by design meant for adults 50+ only and its major function is a place for you to meet new people and build new relationships within our Church by using good clean fun and great day trips.

    Examples of outings planned: Sylvan Bird Sanctuary, Assorted Museums, Aquariums, Fort Fisher, Asheboro Zoo, Rudy Theater, Wilmington Eagles Island Cruise, and more!

    Leaders: Larry and Cheryl Smith

    Time: One Friday a month and various day trips in between

    Location: Various Homes throughout Wilson

    Contact Info: or 252.236.1625


Small groups are a place where connections are made, relationships are built, and healing begins. If you see a group that you're interested in joining, click the link below to sign up. A group leader will contact you with further information and answer any questions you have. Don't wait any longer, make the choice and watch your life change!

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COMMON questions


You’ve probably seen small groups meeting and not even realized it. A small group looks like friends at lunch, teams playing basketball, or people studying a book or topic of interest. At its core, a small group is a small gathering of people, and it is less about what you do and more about who you do it with. By participating in small groups, you can expect to connect with others through a common activity, engage in life giving conversation and request prayer.


Our small groups meet for two semesters a year—winter/spring and fall. During the semester, groups meet once a week or every other. Small groups are meant to bring meaning and community into the flow of your life so even if you can’t attend every, single meeting, there is still great value in joining a group.


Small groups meet in places like homes, parks, restaurants, coffee shops and office buildings. The leader of the group selects a meeting spot that best fits the purpose of the group. Small groups happen throughout the city of Wilson so there's always one that meets in your area.


Most small groups meet for a semester. This way, new people can join groups easily and regularly. Also, the semester format allows you to try multiple groups each year. As relationships form, some groups choose to stay together for consecutive semesters, but new members are always welcome.


Childcare varies from group to group. When you search our directory for a group, contact the leader and find out what's available.


The truth is, not everyone will find the best fit with the first group they try. This is why we encourage you to select a few groups that interest you, contact the leaders and try out a couple different groups before choosing the best one for you. The simple strategy to finding success in small groups is to not give up. We believe there is a group that is right for everyone—including you!

Become A Small group leader

Leading a small group isn’t about being perfect; it’s about serving others by giving them a place to connect. Hosting a group is simple—choose a topic that interests you and select a time and location to meet with others to share it. We give you the essential tools to make your small group successful through Leadership Training and a directory where you can register your group so others can find it easily.  We believe people’s lives are changed one semester at a time by moving one step toward Christ, and as a small group leader you get to play an important role in that process.

Please register your small group if you already know what group you want to lead. If you have not already attended training, make plans to attend our Leadership Training where you will be equipped to lead well. If you don’t know what group you want to lead yet, connect with one of our leaders.

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