Stay Informed

Want to know what's around the corner at WPW? Tired of missing out on an awesome event or the service change due to inclement weather? Then you need to sign up for the WPW Text Reminder Service and the WPW Email Newsletter! They're both safe and easy to use, plus we won't overwhelm you with useless information; only the news you want to hear! It's all free and comes directly to your smart phone or computer. Check them out below!

Email Newsletter

Email is still such a huge part of our culture. We use it for business, to communicate with our family, and also receive news and important information regarding our favorite brand or product.

At Wilson Praise and Worship, we use it to inform you about an important upcoming event or service as well as share news about a service change due to inclement weather. To sign up simply click the link below. Expect 1-2 emails weekly.

Text Reminder Service

We spend countless hours on our smart phones, and in today's age the majority of communication happens not on a voice call but through texting. WPW has leveraged this unique and all to common form of communication to push updates about services, events, and changes to the church schedule or calendar directly to your smart phone via a simple SMS text!

*(standard text messaging fees apply)

Please click the link below to sign up for our Email Newsletter and/or the Text Reminder Service.