The Vision of Emery's Place

Emery's Place is an outreach ministry of Wilson Praise and Worship, in honor of Emery Skye Godwin, daughter of Brent and Chasity Godwin. Currently, we are utilizing a newly constructed food trailer that is used to prepare meals. Our purpose is to feed and reach people through grace, and a good meal! Our mission is to visit neighborhoods and communities in Wilson to feed those who are hungry, both physically and spiritually. We also travel to disaster areas which are hit hardest in our state and the surrounding region with a warm meal, a smile and a message of hope! 

Be a part of this amazing journey

Our hope is that something has stirred within your heart to be a part of this journey to feed, serve and make a difference in our community. If you'd like to give to make this dream a reality then click the link and donate whatever you can. Every gift counts and every person matters. All your gifts are also tax deductible and are very much appreciated. Check our Facebook page for updates on where we're headed and what's happening with Emery's Place!

Emery's Place on Social Media

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